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A Teen’s Biggest Wish often finds it difficult to manage their acne. Due to the hormone changes at their puberty, it troubles their confidence and appears in various sizes and colors like white bumps, red and even as blackheads. In addition to all these, they find it a major hindrance to their dating successes. Therefore A Teen’s Biggest Wish is always searching for the best and reliable methods of an acne solution.

Acne is normally known to have four different forms. Blackheads are black marks on your face whereas you have whiteheads looking like small bubbles in the face. They also appear as raised bumps, red in color, but the most obstinate of them are cysts whose roots invade the depths of the skin and are difficult to cure.

The moisture of the skin surface is maintained by the oil glands in the skin. Acne and its relatives are born out of hormone imbalance and the ensuing enlargement of the oil glands under the skin, resulting in the overproduction of oil. These combine with dead cells, seep to hair follicles and clog the skin pores.

If you follow a healthy and balanced diet then it will aid you in your cure for acne. The natural acne cure ingredients are zinc supplements that can be easily found in beans and lentils. Another requirement is that of iron which you can get from meat and radish.

In today’s busy world order, when time seems to be driving you to madness, take an hour off at least three times a week to try and relax through meditation or yoga to de-stress your self. Adults, who are on birth control pills, which cause hormone imbalance, would do well to approach their doctor and discuss suitable alternatives. A reduction or change of cosmetics would do well in reducing the pore blockages.

There are several natural ingredients that should be part of your diet for acne prevention and cure. The requirement of zinc which is credited with skin rejuvenation properties can be found in lentils and beans. Vitamin H can be found in spinach and mushrooms and the requirements of vitamin C can be sourced from citrus fruits like lemon and orange. Folic acid is available from tomatoes, iron from radish and poultry and carrots which are rich in beta carotene contribute greatly to the repair of damaged tissues.

The medical cure option shall be your last resort At any cost, refrain from squeezing the blackheads or pimples as most people are tempted to do because it only helps to worsen the situation by membrane rupture. Some of the other acne solution measures and preventives recommended are, applying a face mask of honey whose antibacterial properties are well known, using sulfur soap for gentle face washing, and keeping hair from falling on your face and using moisturizing creams to keep your skin soft.

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