Difference between Carpet and Rug

”Rug” and “carpet” are terms that are interchangeably used around the  globe. In some areas of the world, both words are the same and have no distinctions, but in some other countries, they are entirely two different terms. In America, a carpet is a space/floor covering that is layered wall-to-wall, and rugs cover only a small space, or they are specific with the area. But in India, “carpet” and “rug” are only used to define a covering over the floor.

When relating these two terms, a rug is shorter than the carpet. It can be said that any part of the floor covering that measures less than 45 square feet are called rugs, and those bigger than this are carpets. When carpets are attached permanently to the levels and cannot be removed that comfortably, rugs are area particulars, cover only a small area, and can be removed so smoothly.

Rugs can be shifted from one location to another. If a person wishes to have the rug placed in another room, it is quite possible. But in the case of carpet, this cannot be done. If a person changes a house, he can easily transport rugs but not so with carpets. Rugs can be used as a centerpiece, hung on walls, as a bed rug or foot rug. Unlike carpets, rugs come in many styles and patterns.

As carpets are vast, it is difficult to clean them. Washing rugs, however, is much easy. As rugs have different designs and patterns, rugs are more costly than carpets. It can be noticed that rugs are treasured by families and are even passed from one generation to another.

When compared to rugs, carpets are more robust counterparts. They are very durable and stain-resistant. Carpets also come in many styles, colors, and designs. In thickness, carpets are comparatively thicker than rugs. As the thickness increases, the carpet becomes more comfortable, and there is a good feeling when we walk on it.

Another point is that carpets can wear out much earlier than rugs. If a rug damaged, it can be changed easily. Rugs can slip and slide easily, but a double-stick or rug pad can be applied to prevent it. If carpets become worn, the only alternative is to replace the whole material.

To sum up, it can be re-stated that:

  • A rug is smaller than the carpet.
  • When carpets are permanently in contact with the floors and cannot be removed that easily, rugs are area-specific, cover just a small area, and can be removed easily.
  • Rugs can be quickly taken from one place to another. On the contrary, in the case of carpet, this is not an easy task either.
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