Getting the best from your Exhibition

Before the show, set specific goals and plan your exhibition stand to meet those goals. Tell people why they should visit you, making the most of the internet, pre-show PR and advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Train your staff before the show so that they are clear on the message you want to portray.

Brief your stand staff about what is expected on the exhibition stand and what you hope to achieve each day. Use an agreed system to spend the optimum amount of time with visitors to your exhibition stand. Use good body language whilst greeting people on your exhibition stand and don’t forget good personal hygiene. Give your staff regular breaks to keep them fresh and attentive. Classify all prospective visitors to your stand, but be polite if they don’t fit your ideals. Keep it all business, but remember they could all be a customer one day!

Consider using a Modular Display system instead of the universally accepted Pop Up stand or Banner stand. The aluminum construction of these systems makes for a strong, contemporary look and you benefit from the ability to reconstruct the shape and size of your stand layout.

Round or organic shapes stand out well from the regular square profiles of panels or shell schemes. Multimedia sound and vision incorporated within the exhibition design is a fantastic way to attract attention to your stand whilst at the same time providing a source of relational information to entertain and instruct your visitors.

Why not use a flag, inflatable or flying banner above the level of your stand to attract the attention of visitors from across the hall? You will need to get approval from the exhibition organizers, but the impact is often worthwhile.

Use directional signs and banners in the car parks and the corridors to direct traffic to your stand. They give an air of sponsorship to proceedings and get your stand into the mind of visitors before they reach the busy exhibition hall

Don’t underestimate the power of illuminated graphics, light towers and moving images on an exhibition stand. Make sure the images are strong, colorful and impactful when viewed from outside the stand perimeters. A plain white or black background will make the most of your illuminated images. Never be afraid of “white space”.

Exhibition Furniture is an important part of your stand design. Don’t allow it to overcrowd your working space, interfering with your visitor flow. It is good to consider having a simple meeting area where you can take the weight off your feet for a few moments whilst meeting with visitors.

Don’t make it so comfortable they won’t want to leave, or too imposing they won’t feel welcome. A reception counter staffed by a friendly, professional member of staff with a warm smile will go a long way to raising the profile of your stand. Buying portable furniture is often far more cost-effective than renting.

Take lots of good photographs of your exhibition stand when you have visitors and feature it on your web site and press releases to let everyone know how well the show went.

After the show, de-brief your team, measure your results and follow up all leads. Make a note immediately of ways you think you could improve your performance or how the stand could be improved for the next exhibition. How did the visitor footfall compare to your competitors? Did the look and layout of the stand work as you expected?

Discuss changes with your stand designer or contractor while things are still clear in your mind.


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