How do You Clean an Olefin Rug?

Clean an Olefin Rug

The following are some useful cleaning directions for an olefin carpet.

  • First of all, vacuum the whole carpeted area.
  • Apply a pump-up sprayer (pre-spray) and then Matrix Olefin TLC (Traffic Lane Cleaner) which should be diluted at about 4 to 6 oz for each water gallon. Allow this process for minimum of 20 minutes. Hence, it will prevent ugly lines and spots from recurring.
  • Extract the area by implementing the Matrix All Fiber Rinse Which must be diluted at least 4-6 for every gallon of water.
  • Commercial Olefin Glue-Down rugs can be cleaned much effectively with Matrix Olefin TLC ( ph10 – 10.5 ). High ph pre-spray must be neutralized in this step by an encapsulation rinse which has anti-wicking and anti-soiling properties. Therefore, Rug Cleaning carpet will be prevented from turning yellow. It suspends and loosens the oily dust that sticks to the polypropylene fibers of Olefin that can be easily removed away later. Hot water extract procedure can also be followed with fab-set just like a rinsing solution.
  • Use an air mover to dry the carpet speedily. For easy staining, a fabric protector must be applied onto the rug.
  • Olefin Professional Persian Rug Cleaning NYC most of the time become brown after the steam cleaning process. This occurs due to the dirt that penetrates inside the carpet fiber by a phenomenon called wicking. To avoid this, neutralization of the high ph of pre-spray is mandatory.
  • Before the extraction process, carry out pre-vacuuming to prevent the debris/dust that seeps into the deep-down inner surface of the rug.
  • Matrix Complete Rinse, as the name, shows that we can apply it to all rugs especially Olefin and wet-cleanable upholstery which comprises of residential and commercial material with complete confidence. It flushes away both the dirt and cleaning solution residues, leaving your rug bright and soft.
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