Things People Hate About Dogs

You may wonder why some people are not huge dog lovers, even after you showed them how lovable a dog can be with you and others. You’re trying to figure out why your spouse refuses to get a family dog even when the children are begging for one. Well, there are people who just cannot get excited about dogs because there are things people hate about dogs that will take them years to get past. I’m one of several people who are just not that into dogs and based on my own and the reasons of others, here are things that some people hate about dogs even though we think some of your dogs are really cute.


While many people understand that a dog’s humping on furniture and other items is a part of his or her reproductive life cycle, to see the dogs relieving themselves sensually is sometimes annoying to look at and it is especially annoying if the dog tries to hump on a guest that is sitting near him on the couch or chair. It would be nice if the dog owner would alleviate the problem by having him hook up with another dog or having him neutered.

Growling and Barking Nonstop 

It’s fine for dogs to bark when they sense danger that is lurking, but what some people don’t like about dogs is the constant loud barking and growling for no apparent reason. This is not a good thing when guests come to visit the dog owner’s home with little ones only to find out that the. The dog is scaring the little ones away because of the loud growling and barking. The dog owner should consider additional dog training for a dog like this.

Other Annoying Things 

When dogs chew on all kinds of soft items in the home, it becomes annoying to some dog owners and this is one reason why some non-dog owners prefer not to have a dog in their homes. Some people don’t like dogs because of the poop they always leave when going out and the mess the dog owners fail to clean up. Another reason some people don’t like dogs is because of the fleas they carry with them and the constant need to have to eliminate the fleas regularly. Others do not like how dogs throw up in certain areas of the house regularly.

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