What are the finest Blanket categories ?

finest Blanket

Like carpets and curtains , following are some famous blanket categories  depending on their applications, the material used in their fabrication and the method of rug cleaning that is applied for their maintenance:

  • The Comforter is one of the most popular category of blankets. They are manufactured by sewing two large pieces of fabric together and then filling them with a warm stuff such as feathers, down, polyfill, or cotton. The upper stuff is generally made from polyester or cotton blend that is mostly brushed for some extra softness in the blanket. Comforters are such a great choice for winters, that they can retain maximum heat without being so heavy. If you wish to make your bed cloud-like and fluffy then comforters must be at your first preference. Moreover, they can quickly change the look of your bedroom by just slipping into a duvet cover.
  • A Throw is relatively a small blanket which is often used for decoration , either it is draped over the back of the sofa or on a bed. They are mostly made using one fabric-layer and are helpful to provide you additional warmth and accent colors. They can be used to cover your legs and foot while watching TV in the living room or over the top of your comforter in severe winter conditions. Throws are usually knit, and woven from tapestry – like stuff, or fleece-made. One of the advantages of throws is that you can easily switch up the bedroom-appearance by using throw blankets in variety of colors. In addition, their small size makes them perfect to be used in living rooms.
  • Duvet resembles with comforters in appearance, along with some differences such as they can be used with duvet covers, that are slipcovers and can fit the duvet appropriately and can be removed after use. An actual duvet look is like a white comforter and is filled with an insulating warmer material such as polyester, feathers, down and cotton. As washing of duvet covers is not a tricky task, so they can be used without applying a top sheet on them.
  • Quilt is a type of blanket that has been in use traditionally for centuries. Three fiber-pieces are typically used to make a quilt blanket. It consists of a top ( a multiple pieces of fabric) that is sewed to make a design; a thin filling of wool or cotton; and a back that is made from a large woven-fabric piece. Quilts are more ideal for those who are sweaty sleeper and due to their lightweight, a layered look can be easily created by using them. Their fragile layers and stitching do not allow users to wash them by hand or machine-washing. Dry cleaning is, therefore, the only alternate method for such blankets.
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