What is the Best Way to Clean Persian Rugs?

Clean Persian Rugs

Professional Rug Cleaning Near Me of the Persian rugs is necessary once in a year or after every six months depending on their use, which is quite expansive and often uncalled because minor dirt and stains are easy to clean on daily basis. The discussion is about the best way to clean them every day so as to avoid too dirty condition at the time of their annual maintenance. Sweeping and shaking the dust away, will prevent wear and tear increasing the lifespan of Persian rugs. Moreover, deep cleaning is an alternative to professional cleaning. It involves the water spray for removing both detergents as well as dirt and mildew is prevented easily.

To remove debris and dirt off your Persian carpet, vacuuming once every two weeks at least is mandatory. Apply it slowly in the direction of rug fibers to get rid of excess abrasives, dust and pet hair. Very few people are given to doubt over the excessive use of vacuum on Persian rugs because these are antique/expansive and this can affect its sensitive fibers. Always prefer a dedicated rug cleaning tool over vacuuming or if you have no option other than vacuuming then turn off the beater bar before using to avoid any side effects.

When a vacuum is coupled with a cleaner (micro-sponges + an organic solvent), the process is called dry cleaning which removes grime, kills bacteria, hence giving the carpet a fresh look.

Sometimes due to rough use of the rug, a pungent musty smell spreads in the whole room. A recommended solution to deal with it is a mixture of water, vinegar, and detergent which will remove odors and stains, giving your rug a rejuvenating feel. Talcum Powder can be used in place of this solution that absorbs all the pungent smell.

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