Why Scarves are so-called versatile Fashion Accessory?


The wonderful thing about scarves is that they are so versatile. If you have a certain selection of colors and patterns in the closet, you can style many outfits with it. To have similar loop scarves with a floral print in shades of blue in the closet is of little use.

How do I combine the scarves with the outfit?

I think scarves must either be part of the outfit, i.e. their colors and patterns should go well with the rest of the clothes, or you are the eye-catching key piece. You should buy kids scarves as well to give them a fashionable and stylish look. This gives rather simple, calm outfits the necessary kick


So are you already wearing 3 colors like blue, white and pink in your outfit? Then the cloth should not contain fourth, fifth and sixth colors such as yellow, red and brown, otherwise it will be too colorful.

However, if you only wear two colors such as black and white, you are more flexible and can combine a colorful cloth well.

Simple basics such as T-shirts or plain sweaters get a fashionable touch through the use of scarves. In the office, where many women wear a similar look, the scarf can provide individuality and give the outfit its own, very personal touch. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

I personally love plain cashmere sweaters with colored silk scarves India in winter. In addition, the matt material of the wool fits well with the smooth, shiny fabric of the silk. Combined with jeans and sneakers, it looks casual, with business pants and pumps it becomes elegant.

What colors should I choose?

There are no limits to your color. Of course, you should like the color and not make it pale. Monochrome scarves in the colors of the eyes usually look very nice, but also complementary colors such as Orange and purple to green eyes can enhance your expression.

For a blonde woman with blue eyes, there are clothes that also contain shades of blue, yellow, gray and light brown. Take a look at your wardrobe, which cloth colors would complement your basics well? I go to my closet with new towels and hold them to all the tops to see where they can complement or spice up.

Which patterns are suitable?

There is a huge selection of scarves and it is a matter of taste whether you like models with large colorful checks, small delicate scatter flowers or graphic elements.

But the lighter your color type, the better subtle color contrasts will look.

Strong contrasts such as black and white patterns catch the eye and need a type of woman who can hold their face against it – that is, with high color contrasts between skin, eyes, and hair. Just give it a try in the shop.

In Generally, prints always work! If you are a small, delicate woman, I would advise against large-scale patterns, because these could visually overwhelm you. On the other hand, very small scattered flowers look rather cute. The more body area you have available, the larger the patterns can be.

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